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An elderly man becomes a mentor to a rebellious and lovesick teenager, sharing with him the extraordinary story of the Polish hero: Maximilian Kolbe. Kolbe’s profound devotion and unlimited compassion eventually lead him to make the ultimate sacrifice for another prisoner at the Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz. Enjoy this moving story in the film MAX!

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Summary of Max's life

A mischievous and curious child who came to lead modern media, the very same that served him to spread and preach the message of love, peace and inclusion in the times of the Second World War. His profound love for the Virgin Mary led him to found the Militia of the Immaculate, create a devotional newspaper and build the City of the Immaculate. He traveled to Japan, to spread his faith even without knowing the language, and upon returning to Poland he utilized radio and television as tools for his mission. In dark times he protected persecuted Jews during the Nazi invasion and gave them refuge in his monastery. He ended his days in a concentration camp where he gave his life for that of another prisoner, leaving behind a legacy of courage and compassion amidst the darkness.


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Piotr Adamczyk


Hector Elizondo


David Henrie


Ashley Greene


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