Max and Me

An elderly man becomes a mentor to a rebellious and love-stricken teenager, sharing with him the extraordinary story of the Polish hero: Maxamillian Kolbe. Kolbe’s unwavering faith and boundless compassion eventually lead him to make the ultimate sacrifice for another prisoner in the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz.

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This is the work of Saint Maximilian Kolbe

Canonized by Pope John Paul II, Maximilian Kolbe was not just a tireless Immaculate Heart of Mary promoter, but also a man ahead of its time; curious and playful when he was just a child, he later joined the Franciscan seminar in order to practice his priesthood and profess his love to Mary by organizing the Militia Immaculatae (Knights of the Immaculata), creating a devotional paper and founding a new Conventual Franciscan monastery at Niepokalanów called City of the Immaculate Mother of God, which later became one of the biggest complex for printed publications of its time.

With just faith and the love of Mother Mary by his side, he later travels to Japan where he ends up founding a new monastery to divulge his word despite not knowing the language.

Back in Poland, he continues his work and began a radio station while doing tests on TV format looking for new ways to spread the word of the Virgin Mary. Still in Poland, and after the outbreak of World War II, Kolbe receives and protects many of the people chased by the Nazi invasion in his monastery, where he organized a temporary hospital… later on, he was arrested and taken as prisoner to Auschwitz where he died when sacrificing his life for a stranger on the camps.

The people behind the story


Piotr Adamczyk

( Karol )

Hector Elizondo

( The Princess Diaries )

David Henrie

( Wizards of Waverly Place )

Ashley Greene

( Twilight )


Animation design

Donovan Cook


Bruce Morris

(Hercules, Pocahontas)

Art Department

Marec Fritzinger

( Tarzan )


Imagica Studio / Imagination Films


Mark McKenzie

Recorded at Abbey Road

Character developing

Lightstream Animation



Eduardo Martínez Solares

How the movie was made

“Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friend”

John 15:13

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